Hello There!

+ Jan. 25th I'm playing for the 1st time with the great Boiakih duo -Mónica Akihari and Niels Brouwer. Wolter Wiorbos on trombone will be joining too!!
Music Center Budapest, Opus Jazz Club.

+ The 30th The Ambush Party will explode at Tumult Festival in Rasa, Utrecht.  

Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me on dr
Our 2nd CD has just came out (anticipating a limited LP edition that will come soon)
"Circus" is a live concert at Moers Fest. and you can listen to it on or watch it on youtube.
NOt only that but we've got already some nice reviews (even in Spain and Czech Republic!), I translated few quotes below with the links to the originals.  
Thanks to all these people who still can digest some of our music (in the middle of the ocean of music we live in) and even write about it.

+ I have the double honor of playing with Bite the Gnaze on few concerts and that's replacing Alan "Gunga" Purves (So it is indeed a double honor :) 
The guys: Joost Buis trombone, lapsteelgitaar, Michel Duijves (bas)klarinet, tinwhistle, Paul Pallesen gitaar, banjo, bouzouki, Frank van Bommel piano, vibrafoon, klokkenspel and Meinrad Kneer contrabas.
That would be on January 31at Mirliton Theatre, Utrecht and on Feb. 1st at De plusetage, Baarle Nassau, very south of Netherlands.

+ On March 9th The drummers day in Amsterdam is coming!! This year I have the kudos to be part of it, together with some of the greatest dutch drummers. A little promo video

+ Lily’s déjà vu got some nice reviews of the "European tour" and already few nice reviews of our just released Cd "Music from another ass"
Live sounds of the tour here or video here
Here some quotes and links:

Jazzism (NL-BE)
"The themes are pushing, encouraging the improvisational interplay.
The outcome is a fat and sneaky sound with great dynamic contrasts and a nice continuity in the solos... and, as they proved in the October tour, they have room for even more intensity."
 ****1/2 - KenVos - Nov./Dec. 2013

"This international band keeps the sound of avant garde alive. Lily seems to be the most marvelous Déjà vu to have" 

Jazzenzo (NL)
"Lily’s Déjà Vu is a pearl in the landscape of improvisation"

Enola (BE)
Lily's Déjà Vu can not be called 'average', the musicians gladly step out of the conventions; but thanks to the extensive compositions, the inventive playing and its many catchy moments, 'Music From Another Ass' becomes an album that can appeal to a quite wide public. As long as that public is willing to do a little effort and move their asses along.

The Ambush Party &
Lily's deja vu

Jazz Flits (NL)
"There is abroad -a deserved- singular appreciation for the music of the Amsterdam improv scene.
Two years ago the renowned German Festival Moers invited The Ambush Party to play at their tent, the audience was very happy about it"  (Pag 6)
"Lily's Déjà Vu's debut album is absolutely convincing" (Pag 9)

Caleidoscoop (NL)
"Six years ago they've found them self at the vanguard of the Amsterdam improv scene, displaying and spreading their impressive art of improvisation...
The Ambush Party's music is a melting pot of jazz , world music, avant -garde and neo-classical... You hear influences as broad as Tom Cora, The Ex, Edgar Varèse, Peter Brötzmann, Mick Barr, John Zorn and Misha Mengelberg, but what the group here emits is really completely unique. It may be difficult to grasp, but once digested you won't let it go. Class!"

"Lily's Déjà Vu is a quartet of exceptional musicians...
Here are virtuosos at work knowing, on a casual and aimless way, exactly what they are doing.
That provides a very playful music, which at times can be extremely serene and charming or extraordinarily uplifting or even quite cacophonous.
Jazz with noise, film music and even break beats. The latter because Baggiani reveals to be a truly drum 'n' beast resembling of Spring Heel Jack with Matthew Ship, also of William Hooker.
Even more important is that the four keep up the tension bow from beginning to end, driving you to see the music as an exciting movie .
Music for adventurous restless butts.
more The Ambush Party
His Voice (Czech)
Toma Jazz (Spain)

Please check my "Agenda 2014" to see all the performances of these period!! There are also some "Wonderlands"(music & dance impro for children) coming and some other stuff popping up.