"These four guys really speak the same language despite diverse backgrounds. It's the language of poli-stylistic risks, collectively created tension. You'll undergo each piece like a liberating act of creation. Despite all roughness full of poetry."
JazzPodium, DE - Jörg Konrad (Lily's deja vu)

"But the most powerful tracks are the final four, where naked tenor saxophone ranges from stealth to bombast and everything in between, shadowed at every turn, in every corner, by Baggiani’s subliminal interplay."

"...Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalized breath-bursts, much like Peter Brötzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble. And Baggiani shows he’s in the same class. In fact, on this evidence he’s the more elastic of the three drummers, constantly sounding small crisp contact sounds off of tautly measured free-beats."
Dalston Sound / Tim Owen - UK (bAgg*fisH)

"...The sound spectrum of the feedback sax covers almost anything between spacey analog synth to a distorted electric guitar... Yet Baggiani succeeds to submit these urgent, psychedelic sonic trips into frenetic shifting pulses.
There is no doubt that bAgg*fisH (duo) created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. One that is playful, uncompromising, and guarantees to keeps the listeners ears wide open"
Eyal Hareuveni - All about Jazz (bAgg*fisH)

“... Drummer Marcos Baggiani is a nice mischief-maker whose unexpected interventions often steer the music into new directions. 
That’s the great strength of The Ambush Party: powerful personalities with a strong will.”
Tim Sprangers / The Volkskrant **** (The Ambush Party)

"...Met name het solistisch samenspel van Joachim Badenhorst op tenorsaxofoon en klarinetten en gitarist Celano zorgen voor het nodige vuurwerk. Op onvoorspelbare wijze begeleid door slagwerker en percussionist Baggiani; stuwend en meeslepend."
Jazzenzo (NL) - E Elsinga (C.B.G)

"The (JPE) band was perhaps the most daring, or at least the roughest... The drumming of the Argentinian-Amsterdammer Marcos Baggiani was a determining contribution to the excitement. 
The ballad-esque piece, "Abuela-which he dedicated to his grandmother- started to crackle halfway through, and within the guitar solo grew up into a somewhat powerful rock ballad”
JazzFlits - Herman te Loo (Jazz Plays Europe at Flaged Fest.)
“...a guitar solo... supported by a very tight and compact drum part. Baggiani seems to keep the tightest rhythms effortlessly, while alternating with lightning fills.”
Draai om je oren, Jazz en meer  (C.B.G)

"Oh, this is free jazz of the highest order! ...The winds push against each other deliciously, bass and drums beat solidly on the ground...'Alienology' is an adventure that you as a listener, thrilling of excitement, want to share...The CD offers plenty of variety, the refinement makes room to heavy rock and everything falls into place within turbulent improvisations. "
Hans Invernizzi/Jazzflits
“Chamber-impro of an extremely high standard…”
Jacques Los: DraaiOmJeOren (The Ambush Party)
"The performance found a climax in the physical participation of Fischer, who as a saint stretched his arms to heaven, supported by a thundering drumming of Baggiani."

Tim Sprangers – Jazzenzo