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+ Erasing Borders, the last recording of the C.B.G, has just been released through Trytone records, (you can get it in this link :) Please read these reviews:

"This is political art that doesn't get in the way of some great music.
...Celano and Baggiani, both based in Amsterdam, recently took on bassist Clemens v d Feen and reeds player Joachim Badenhorst in their long-established group.
Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift"
Andy Hamilton - Aug. 2015

This is jazz today
"This modern jazz-rock quartet likes to start with a mess, make it even messier, and just when you think it’s all about chaos and confusion, they slip in a stunning melodic phrase that gives the music an entirely new and different face.  Guitarist Guillermo Celano, bassist Clemens van der Feen, drummer Marcos Baggiani and Joachim Badenhorst on tenor sax, clarinet & bass clarinet team up for a set of tunes with plenty of edge and all kinds of heat to spare.  Strangely attractive music, first, for its happenstance, wild demeanor, and then with the passing of time, for the unexpected turns of phrase and tone that keeps the music fresh and exciting."
Sept 2015 - Dave Sumner

"A volcano that erupts over and over again, mother nature constantly exploding into new forms.
Replace the volcano with music and you get the same effect, at least if you listen to CBG: the Celano/Baggiani Group.
Erasing Borders is an amalgam of different styles, which are connected by the far-reaching improvisational art of the four performers.

Without exaggeration, you may call the C.B.G a "star line-up"
July 2015 - Rinus v d Heijden

“Erasing Borders” is a varied album, with heavy grooves, rough tenor saxophone solos and electronic pedals violence alongside graceful, playful and funny moments”…
June 2015 - Herman te Loo 

“Impetuous jazz with an statement… Imaginative, with compositions influenced by improv and displaying the individual qualities of the quartet”. 
june 2015 - E. Elsinga

+ Dalston Sound (UK, july 2015) has reviewed at once my last 2 releases at Trytone Records.

C.B.G "Erasing Borders" and bAgg*fisH my duo with Vienna Improviser Michael Fischer
A very interesting detailed review; thanks a lot Tim Owen for your kind words.

"...freewheeling scrapbook of abrasive multi-instrumental duos..."

"Erasing Borders is C.B.G.’s  fifth album, and testament to their maturity as a unit…"
Please check the whole review here 

+ And last but not least, a 4,5 star review of Antimufa's album 'New Ways Of Argentinean Music' (Patagonia Records), written by Ken Vos in Jazzism #5 - Sept 2015.

"Perhaps this kind of music also exists in Argentina, but this album is certainly a great asset for the rest of the world"

And as I always say:
Some nice concerts coming up, please check my agenda for all the data.

And hope to see you there!!! 


Hello There!

Some nice concerts coming up before the summer, please check my agenda for all the data.


+ June I'll be playing with  The Ambush Party and Antimufa at the JazzDag in Rotterdam.  Please don't miss it if you are around!

 + Antimufa has just release its first CD, New ways of Argentinean music -Patagonia Records- distributed in Benelux by Xango Music.
“The title of the CD is fully realized
JazzNu, R. v d Heijden, April 2015
“Very tasteful, subtle, danceable and joyfully up”
“1 Track only”, V. Vingerhoeds, april 2015

“An intelligent album, highly recommended”
All About Jazz, A. Bazzurro, april 2015

+ July is the official presentation of BoiAkih Qi, the new BoiAkih 5tet feat. Yedo Gibson and Luc Ex. We are playing on Friday 10th at the North Sea Jazz Festival !!!!!!

Last January Lily’s déjà vu has toured presenting the digital release of an impressive live recording from 2013.

This you can download at:

"This release recorded in the pride of Tilburg, let us hear a band that has embody creativity as its foremost virtue. And as a fine bonus, here and there they burst, crack, shake everything up and then come all neatly together...
It's that balance of freedom, seeming randomness and an impressive solidity which makes this album such a challenge.
It allows you to hear in any case that Lily's Déjà Vu is a band with its own character and style where the possibilities seem almost endless. To be continued. Hopefully."
Guy Peters, 22.3.15 - Draaiomjeoren

And as I said before:
Some nice concerts coming up before the summer, please check my agenda for all the data.

And hope to see you there!!!


Hello !
1st of all my best wishes for this new year.

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+ I'm right in the middle of a wonderful tour with Lily’s déjà vu Ingrid Laubrock -t sx, Guillermo Celano -gr, Jasper Stadhouders -bs, M Baggiani -dr

January 2015

Sun 25 | Jazz in Serah, Zaandam - NL

Sat 24 | CUBA-Cultur, Münster - DE

Fri 23 | Bimhuis, Amsterdam - NL

Wed 21 | Paradox,Tilburg - NL

Sun 18 | Altes Pfanhaus, Köln - DE

Sat 17 | JOE Festival, Essen - DE

We are also presenting a new digital recording "Live in PaRaDoX" only available on line (in this link) or at the concerts.

Here a video of our tour Oct. 2013

+ Also right in the middle of a tour with Freek Vielen & The Ambush Party  Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me

One of the most special and pure things I have worked on. Freek has written a beautifully honest text about war and the bombardment of Dresden in 1944 and The Ambush Party does what it does best; improvising.
We have played already in Antwerp and Amsterdam, please check our schedule.

+ The Ambush Party is also collaborating with the "Eye" Film museum, providing the music for experimental evenings full of images from the beat era.
That was the case on Dec. 9th 2014 and  we will play again on Feb. 22nd 2015!!!

bAgg*fisH Michael Fischer: feedback, saxophones and violin; Marcos Baggiani: drums will be playing some few gigs in Amsterdam end of February and beginning of March, among others Monday Match at Bimhuis, please check my agenda for this concerts and other performances of this period (like coming Oorsprong curators series!).

"... multi-instrumentalist Michael Fischer ranges from stealth to bombast and everything in between, shadowed at every turn, in every corner, by Baggiani’s subliminal interplay."

Please take a tour in this humble website for the full schedule of concerts, band's descriptions, links, music, videos and other information.

Hopefully you can make it to some of this concerts.
See you soon!