+ A very nice review of my new release through FleaBoy Records

Lina Allemano: Trumpet
John Dikeman: Tenor sax
Leo Svirsy: Piano
Marcos Baggiani: Drums

“Free, wild and spontaneous collective improvisations are full of different stylistic waves, unpredictable and sudden turns and surprises.

Musicians masterfully combine all these elements together in one place and create energetic, active, vivid, gorgeous and bright sound.”
AvantScena, Feb 26, 2018

You may enjoy this footage of the recording session.

C.B.G Catalonian Tour coming up!!

May 2018

6 | C.B.G feat Gorka Benitez. Contrabaix, Sant Cougat.
5 | C.B.G feat Gorka Benitez. Sunset, Girona - Catalunya.
4 | C.B.G feat Dimitri Skidanov. Big Bang Bar, Barcelona - Catalunya.
1 | C.B.G feat Gorka Benitez. Jamboree, Barcelona - Catalunya. Gorka Benitez -t sx, G Celano -gr, M B -dr

+ April 2nd I will be curating MONDAY MATCH (DANCE & MUSIC IMPRO LAB) together with KENZO KUSUDA
I will be playing together with Thorsten Töpp on guitar and electronics and Josephine Bode on vocals and recorders.  Kenzo will be joined by Joost Vrouenraets on dance.
To have an idea of what can happen, you may like to see this video

Agenda 2018

13 | AntimufaPompstation. Amsterdam. N Sued -vocals, t sx; G Celano -gr, A Mizrahi -bs, M B -dr
6 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezContrabaix, Sant Cougat - Catalunya.
5 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezSunset, Girona - Catalunya.
4 | C.B.G feat Dimitri SkidanovBig Bang Bar, Barcelona - Catalunya.
1 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezJamboree, Barcelona - Catalunya. Gorka Benitez -t sx, G Celano -gr, M B -dr

22 | Spring Time Jazz Fest: Amsterdam EditionDe Ruimte, Amsterdam. Renato Ferreira -db, Salvoandrea Lucifora -Trombone, Sousaphone and Trumpet , M B -dr
17 | Antimufa feat. Martín Sued. Recording Session.
15 | Antimufa feat. Elliot Muusses. Pompstation. Amsterdam. Elliot Muusses -gr, N Sued - clrnt, t sx, vocals; A Mizrahi -bs, M B -dr
14 | Jerboah. RPL Radio. Woerden (NL).
14 | Antimufa feat. Martín Sued. Splendor, Amsterdam.  Martín Sued -bandoneon, Natalio Sued - t sax & clarinet, G Celano -gr, A Mizrahi -db, M B -dr
4 | Oscar Jan Hoogland trio. De Richel, Amsterdam.
2 | MONDAY MATCH (Dance & Music Impro Lab). Bimhuis, Amsterdam. Kenzo Kusuda, Nicole Geertruida & Joost Vrouenraets -dance; Thorsten Töpp -gr & electronics; Jose Bode -vocals & recorders; M B -dr
1 | Antimufa. SiN in Jazz, NDSMWerf, Amsterdam.

30 | Wonderland. Dakota Theater, Den Haag.  Makiko Ito, Manuela Tessi, Silvia Bennett -dance, Kristián Martinsson - pn, M B -dr; Ellen Knops -lights.
28 | Wonderland.  Corrosia, Almere.
24 | Veronica Castro, Peña Folclorica, Zaal 100, Amsterdam. Veronica Castro -vcls; Hernán Ruiz -gr; Matias Pedrana -bandoneon; Elias General-bs; Dirk Balthaus -pno, M B -dr
24 |  Veronica Castro, End Racism DayMuseumPlein, Amsterdam. Veronica Castro -vcls; Hernán Ruiz -gr; Matias Pedrana -bandoneon; Elias General-bs, M B -dr
17 | EAR Session #5. Studio EAR, Amsterdam. Improv. Niels Brouwer -gr, Dodó Kis -ewi & recorder, Nagy Ákos -electronics, M B -dr
11 | Antimufa feat. Sebastian van Delf. Pompstation. Amsterdam. Sebastian van Delf -pno, A Mizrahi -bs, M B -dr

18 | Wonderland. OT301, Amsterdam. Laura Lotti -Harp, Pau Sola -Cllo; M B -dr; Stephanie Lama, Stefania Petroula, Kim Hoogterp, Makiko Ito -Dance; Ellen Knops -lights.
11 | Drummersdag 2018 - Muziekpakhuis. René Creemers, Koen Herfst, Cesar Zuiderwijk, Marcos Baggiani, Vernon Chaitlein, Fred Cohen.
9 | The Ambush PartyThe Space is the Place feat Doek series, De Ruimte. Amsterdam
4 | Cris Corstens 4tet. Sin, NDSMWerf - Amsterdam. C Corsten -sx, O J Hoogland -pn, H Austbo -cllo, M B -dr
2 | AntimufaPompstation. Amsterdam. N Sued -vocals, t sx; G Celano -gr, A Mizrahi -bs, M B -dr

27 | Jerboah feat. John-Dennis Renken. Übergabe-Konzert Improviser in Residence. Kammermusiksaal der Musikschule, Moers (DE). J D Renken -tr
23 | Wonderland. 2 turven hoog production - Laaktheater, Den Haag. Makiko Ito, Manuela Tessi -dance, Kristián Martinsson - pn, M B -dr
22 | Wonderland.  2 turven hoog production - Laaktheater, Den Haag.
21 | JerboahHerman van Veen Arts Centre, Soest (NL)
14 | Antimufa Feat. Elliot Muusses. Pompstation. Amsterdam. N Sued -vocals, t sx, clrnt; E Muusses -gr, A Mizrahi -bs, M B -dr
7 | Adan Mizrahi trio. Cafe Belcampo, Amsterdam. Kristián Martinsson - pn, A Mizrahi -d bs, M B -dr
3 | Oscar Jan Hoogland trio. De Richel, Amsterdam. O J Hoogland -pn, Uldis Vitols -bs, M B -dr

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