Jerboah (indie art-rock, world beat, post-pop)

Sarah Jeffery | vocals & recorders, Guillermo Celano | guitar,  Dodo Kis | ewi synth-bass, recorders & vocals; Marcos Baggiani | drums, vocals | Guest appearance:  Josephine Bode | recorders, vocals

"A fascinating quirky band that makes engaging unexpected music"  Floris Kortie - We are public - NL

The Ambush Party (piep-piep-knor music & discombobulated cumbia)
Natalio Sued: sax; Oscar Jan Hoogland: piano; Harald Austbø: cello; Marcos Baggiani: drums

There is rigorous, meticulous magic at work here. This is music as theatre, and as exciting, engaging and humorous a band as you are likely to see. Impossible to predict and impossible to resist!


C.B.G | Celano/Baggiani group - (Postmodern creative music)

Guillermo Celano: guitar,  Marcos baggiani: drums

The C.B.G. is one of the most exciting and adventurous bands of modern-creative music from Amsterdam. 

The group has released 8 CD's, with some impressive international line-ups, including Ellery Eskelin (USA), Joachim Badenhorst (B), Michael Moore (NL-USA), Gorka Benitez (E), Natalio Sued (AR), Clemens van der Feen (NL) among others.


As an offshoot of the C.B.G, this trio is delving into a re-imagination of the boundaries between improvisation and composition, of abstract sound explorations and harmonic passages.

"They work together on a unique balance of composition and improvisation that feels as recognisable as strange.
That in turn ensures that you, as a listener, are also forced to keep on raising your ears and discovering that special synergy.” Enola- Guy Peters

(as free and noisy as it can be)

Michael Fischer: feedback, saxophones and violin; Marcos Baggiani: drums, toys

A energetic noise impro -sometimes psychedelic- act, with an ever uncontrollable microphone feedbacking from inside the saxophone and  a focused drummer trying to cope with it.

Horn-Drum (free jazz || instant composing)
Natalio Sued: tenor, saxophone & clarinet || Marc Baggiani: drums

An ‘out of the ordinary’ sax-and-drums duo.  Their musical approach stems from an encyclopaedic study of Jazz and Improvisation as well as classical composition and post-classical techniques. 
This information is brewed within the roots of Argentinean and Latin American culture. Their way into sound is a revered path bound to their devoted musical dedication.
"Pure music in this duo. Pure beauty" O J Hoogland

Creepy sounds, undefined noise, film music, concrete non sense and abstract bullshit, massive waves of sound and subtle whistles, lethanies from the earth and folk songs from another planet, free jazz, musique concrete and retro-futuristic artifarti outrages.


As a side man

Iman Spargaren: tenor sax, clarinet; Guillermo Celano: guitar, Marcos Baggiani: drums

"Listen to the Coltranesque sound of Iman Spaargaren, which is really molded into his own voice, to the quirky and humorous art of improvisation by Guillermo Cerano and to the overwhelming percussion rummage of Marcos Baggiani. 
Here, the present and the future are safeguarded" 
Rinus van der Heijden, Jazznu

Antimufa - (New ways of Argentinean music)

Natalio Sued: tenor sax, clarinet, voice; Guillermo Celano: guitar, Adan Mizrahi: double bass, music direction; Marcos Baggiani: drums

Keeping the flavours alive and by means of a distinctive instrumentation these 4 Argentinean musicians are surfing within the traditional repertoire of the songbook from Río de la Plata.
A new pallet of colours enhancing the tradition.  


Past projects

"Verónica ensured an exciting cheerfulness helped by the heady guitar of Hernán Ruíz, the wailing bandoneon of Matías Pedrana and the sparkling piano lines of Dirk Balthaus.
All this music was sovereign founded on the refreshing bass pulses of Elías General and the infectious beats of Marcos Baggiani.
… The perfect ending of a beautiful afternoon...”  WAZ.DE

Lily's Déjà Vu (modern - creative music)

Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones, Guillermo Celano: guitar, Jasper Stadhouders: bass and Marcos Baggiani: drums.

The driving power of the band calls forth echoes of heavy rock, the supple swing is reminiscent of jazz, the instrumental explorations seem to refer to improvised music and the subtlety of the balanced group sound bears resemblance to that of a chamber music ensemble. These contrasts, sometimes taking shape within one song, continuously keep the musicians alert, and grab the listener's full attention.

HUMANES (Música creativa Latinoamericana)

Fuensanta (MX): vocals & double bass | Guillermo Celano (Arg/NL): guitar | Marc Baggiani (Arg): drums

Where intuition and awareness play together, voices, drums, and strings mingle in a freedom dance.
Fresh, riotous, rooted, sometimes abstract, sometimes avant-garde or wacky, always beating.
Argentinian rhythms, Mexican boleros and originals seasoned with soundscapes, poetry, absurdism, improvisation and a non-challant postmodern approach.

Boi Akih Qi with Monica Akihari & Niels Brouwer on voice and Guitar, plus Luc Ex on bass and saxophonist Yedo Gibson

Royal Improvisers Orchesta -RIO- (Impro in an orchestral situation)

RIO is an international orchestra based in Amsterdam committed to free improvisation. Under the creative direction of Yedo Gibson, It is one of the foremost representatives of the new generation of improvisers in the Netherlands.

 Take five - European Sunrise

10 of the greatest EU musicians I've ever encountered playing each other's compositions and getting eaten by dragons.

Pulloveres ducales

Jazz Plays Europe Ensemble 2009

Mapi Quintana Sextet

Santiago Botero's El ombligo