... But 1st a bit of history 'cause I just came back from 2 intense tours from middle Sept. to middle Oct.

+ Lily’s déjà vu (Ingrid Laubrock, Guillermo Celano, Jasper Stadhouder and me) CD release European tour.
We played at Hot House, Paradox, AxesJazz Power and RozeTanker in Netherland, Rotefabrik in Switzerland and Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene in Norway.
We don't have videos or soundtracks of the tour yet but you can always visit our webpage:

+ bAgg*fisH (my duo together with Michael Fischer on Tenor sax, feedback and violin) played at Porgy & Bess and Moozak Festival - Fluc, both concerts in Vienna (A) and made an tour CD presentation on tour in USA and Canada: Sonic circuits festival - Washington DC; Red room, Baltimore Highwire gallery - Philadelphia; Austrian cultural forum - NYC; Array Music 'audiopollination' - Toronto; Toledo bellows - Ohio and Hungry Brain - Chicago
Video of our 1st concert in USA: bAgg*fisH live at Sonic Circuits Festival 2013

...And now the future!

+ November 6th The C.B.G ( -Joachim Badenhorst on reeds, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and me on drums- is playing once more the North Sea Jazz composition assignment '13. This time at LUX in Nijmegen, organized by
Catch a taste (who thought me english my god?) here: The Immigrant C.B.G.

+ November 24th at is our last concert of European Sunrise - the fantastic European ensemble which is the child born of "Take Five Europe II"; the project which included a residency near London and a nice tour through some amazing European Festivals.

+ bAgg*fisH strikes back: 8, 9, 10 and 11 December We will be doing a residence in Steim, Amsterdam. Closing on the 12 with a concerts at STeiM Winter Party.
And in between, on Dec 10th we will be playing at Tuesday Impro Café - Zaal 100, Amsterdam with Ig Henneman-viola, Tiago de Mello-electronics, Lisa C Miller-piano, Anne La Berge- flutes and (offcourse) Michael Fischer - tenor sax, violin and me.

+ Dec.14 I'll be playing a duo with Bert van den Brink -piano at U Jazz Festival in Utrecht.

+ And last but not least, Trytone and Listen to This are collaborating once more for the coming program on 20th December at MuziekGebouw in 't IJ.
Shortly: I'm putting together the program around the Frank Zappa's "Yellow Shark" main concert.