+ Jerboah has released 2 new videos: Pathological and I don't wanna, check them out!

+ C.B.G Trio Catalonian Tour May 2018

Guillermo Celano and me are once again joining forces with Gorka Benitez touring in a trio setting for the very fist time.

Gorka Benitez -tenor sax, Guillermo Celano - e guitar, Marcos Baggiani -drums

6 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezContrabaix, Sant Cougat - Catalunya.
5 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezSunset, Girona - Catalunya.
4 | C.B.G feat Luca Tondena and Dimitri SkidanovBig Bang Bar, Barcelona - Catalunya. Luca Tondena -t sx, G Celano -gr, Dimitri Skidanov -d bs, M B -dr
1 | C.B.G feat Gorka BenitezJamboree, Barcelona - Catalunya.


+ A very nice review of my new release through FleaBoy Records

Lina Allemano: Trumpet
John Dikeman: Tenor sax
Leo Svirsy: Piano
Marcos Baggiani: Drums

“Free, wild and spontaneous collective improvisations are full of different stylistic waves, unpredictable and sudden turns and surprises.

Musicians masterfully combine all these elements together in one place and create energetic, active, vivid, gorgeous and bright sound.”
AvantScena, Feb 26, 2018

You may enjoy this footage of the recording session.


+ Last year, Kuai Music released the recording of the CBG concert at Bimhuis.
I’ve just found this nice, concise review on line.
Many thanks to Bird is the Worm and Dave Summer!

C.B.G. – Una Noche en Bimhuis (Kuai Music)

"There’s an appealing casualness to this live session led by guitarist Guillermo Celano and drummer Marcos Baggiani. Melodies are drawled out slowly and tempos seem haphazardly constructed. 
The result is unmitigated personality. Songs often reveal traits not immediately hinted at, and the initial direction a tune takes is rarely the same it ends with. 
 This live set at Amsterdam’s famed Bimhuis is free and unbound and strangely tuneful when least you’d expect it. Rounding out the CBG sextet are multi-reedists Michael Moore & Joachim Badenhorst, tenor saxophonist Natalio Sued and bassist Clemens van der Feen. 
 And yet more music from the Buenos Aires scene."


+ This is The Ambush Party Playing cumbia. (with many thanks to Elsie Vermeer)

We did a very nice double gig at De Ruimte playing free Improv for the "dOek Series" and discombobulated cumbias for "The 2nd Stop is Jupiter"
And so is the new program we want to present: 1/2 improv and 1/2 cumbified. Check it out!


+ Jerboah is working hard to prepare our coming release party on July 6th at Noorderlicht (Amsterdam)
An LP release actually!! Our new EP "Gnaw" will come out as the A side of a LP with a remastered version of "Bristly" (the previous one) on the B side.
Also both will be available on CD now, with bonus tracks and musical surprises.

Brechtje van Dijk | voice, synth, Sarah Jeffery | recorders, voice, Josephine Bode | recorders, voice, Dodo Kis | Ewi, recorders, voice; Jornt Duyx | guitar, synth, voice, Marcos Baggiani | drums

We are currently booking a tour to support this, let me know if you can help us!
If you want to listen to it, please click here.

+ Two press quotes of the last Jerboah concerts:

Jerboah at Platzhirsch Festival

"...The audience was surprised in the beginning, nearly not believing that this sound could be so powerful... The lively mood spills off the stage onto the square.
Jerboah is an example of practised and musical biodiversity. This is how recorders can sound like.
An impressive, beautiful and atmospheric concert."
Sieben48 - Andre - 11.9.17

Moers Improviser in residence kick off

“The good mood built an anarchistic force that was transmitted to the audience, cheering and clapping their hands to fetching refrains. Hilarious and joyful songs..."
RP Online - 29.1.18 - Von Jan Caspers

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