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Badenhorst/Baggiani/Celano new release and tour
Jerboah German/Dutch tour was a blast
+ The Ambush Party Cumbia series in De Ruimte 
+ extras


Our release concert at Jazz in 't Park in Ghent was a big success and we are looking forward to our coming tour.

1 | Molen de ster, Utrecht.
26 |  De Pletterij - Haarlem (NL)
19 | Plus Etage (Barle Nassau-NL) with Special Guest John-Dennis Renken in Trumpet.
18 | Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
17 | City Art Rotterdam.

‘Lili & Marleen’ is a beautiful continuation of a discography that these gentlemen can be proud of.

The new album, which is released by the Portuguese label Clean Feed, elaborates on previous work, but it all sounds more intense, compact and mature. 

The trio is perfectly capable of turning inside out a famous song  like Lili Marleen (the WW II classic ‘Lili Marleen’)… Herman Te Loo, JazzFlits sept 2018, NL

CleanFeed, Spotify,

Guillermo made this beautiful videos of few of the songs
Inferno Baby, Pupupo pupo, Abel & Cain


Jerboah's summer tour 2018 was an incredibly dazzling and rich experience.
We have been really lucky to play for so many beautiful people and enjoyed the german hospitality.

After the LP release party at Noorderlicht (Amsterdam) and In-Store concerts at Concerto (Amsterdam) and Plato (Apeldoorn and Deventer) Jerboah hit de road:

An LP including both EPs remastered "Gnaw" and "Bristly". (Both available on CD)

Brechtje van Dijk | voice, synth, Sarah Jeffery | recorders, voice, Josephine Bode | recorders, voice, Dodo Kis | Ewi, recorders, voice; Jornt Duyx | guitar, synth, voice, Marcos Baggiani | drums

If you want to listen to it, please click here.

Jerboah // Pathological (official video)


The Ambush Party  is playing the Cumbia repertoire in The Space is the Place-Doek series at De Ruimte, spanning from last November till May 2019
The coming concerts are January 11, April 12 and May 10
We are recording these concerts to make what it will become our 3rd album!!

N Sued -t sx, clrnt, vocals; O J Hoogland -pno, Harald Austbö -cllo, M B -dr

The Ambush Party playing Misha Mengelberg 's "Wij gaan naar de Italiaan"


EAR's session video of a magic improv

Ákos Nagy // live electronics, Niels Brouwer // guitar, Dodó Kis // recorders, Marcos Baggiani // drums

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