Jerboah 's new video is out!!

While we persistently contribute to the unprecedented destruction of nature, our concerns seem to dissipate the moment we set foot on a meadow or wander through a lush green forest.

Will this also be the case when we walk on the last piece of green nature left on earth?
This song speaks -with a touch of sarcasm- of human stupidity, of the soporific conformity in which we are immersed.

Jerboah has a full page feature in this month’s edition of Prog, one of the UK’s leading magazines about rock music!

Thanks to Eppyfest who booked us to play this summer and kick-started our British debut 🔥

"A wonderfully eclectic mixture of fusion and free jazz combined with issue-led art-pop"

"Jerboah’s instrumentation is highly unusual, Guitar and drums combine with the recorder and vocal talents of Brit Sarah Jeffery, while Kis’ EWI provides both bass lines and synth-style solos"


 BAGG*FISH's new album is finally out!!


“El Tren is improvised, you can already hear that from the first notes.

Wonderfully hectic, the trio provides us with an overwhelming sound experience… a powerful drumming by Baggiani along with exciting displays of Fischer, while Cajado is equally impressive here… pure noise at a breakneck pace.

Truly fascinating, a special album.”  

Nieuwe Noten - Ben Taffijn

Check it out in BandCamp or Trytone Records!!!

Coming January 2024, Iman Spaargaren's Undercurrent trio is going to play at 
La Havana Jazz Fest. Cuba!!!

25 |  Jazz club la Zorra y el cuervo, La Habana.
25 |  CC Bertolt BrechtSala Tito Junco, La Habana.
24 | Escenario La Pergola del Pabellón Cuba, La Habana.

Last November Undercurrent trio feat. Gerard Klein headed to Argentina for an epic tour with 2 epi-centers: Buenos Aires jazz Festival and Córdoba Jazz FestivalWe went also to Mar del Plata and Ituzaingo to share and play. It was a fantastic experience!


+ Last September The Ambush Party  brought out its contagious discombobulated improv Cumbia in a studio album: Cassette and download codes all available Here!!

Natalio Sued (AR/IT) on tenor sax, clrnt and vocals; Oscar Jan Hoogland (NL) on piano and shouts; Harald Austbö (NO) on cello and vocals and yours truly on drums.