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+ Lily’s déjà vu 
Ingrid Laubrock -t sx, Guillermo Celano -gr, Jasper Stadhouders -bs, M Baggiani -dr
Our brand new Cd "Music from another ass" got some more reviews in the specialized international media; (already some nice ones in my previous "news")

"These four guys really speak the same language despite the diverse backgrounds. It's the language of poli-stylistic risks, of collectively created tension. You'll undergo each piece like a liberating act of creation; despite all roughness this is full of poetry. 
"Jörg Konrad - JazzPodium (DE)- March 2014

"A band with a remarkable style and sound, hard to pin down"
Guy Peters - Gonzo Circus (BE)- March 2014

“… over the course of seven pieces they shake things up a fair bit!
… In Europe the German-born Laubrock has been mining heavier musics with the intriguingly named Lily’s Déjâ Vu.”
Kurt Gottschalk, The New York City Jazz Record (USA)- Feb 2014

Lily is booking a tour for January 2015.  If you are willing to have us in town don't hesitate to get in touch.
Here a video of our last tour Oct. 2013

+ The Ambush Party 

Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me on dr
Our 2nd CD has just came out (anticipating a limited LP edition that will come soon)
"Circus" is a live concert at Moers Fest. and you can listen to it on or watch it on youtube.
We've got more reviews, please be my guest:
(Same story, check the "old news" for the previous quotes)

"This international quartet knows no boundaries. All is thrown into its inventive, joyful stew.
Faithful to its name and to the circus life, The Ambush Party delivers a wild, engaging ride."

All about Jazz - Eyal Hareuveni 12/3/14

"...The interaction and musicianship here is at times of an intimidating level, while the four address an enormous dynamic range in all levels throughout these forty outstanding minutes.
With the many references to circus live they could be then linked to the world of entertainment but in reality, this is an impressive example of dedication and empathy."
Gonzo Circus - Guy Peters - March 2014

Thanks to all these people who's still willing to digest some of our music and write about it, as well as the radios who are gently playing some of these musics: JazzRadio WWPVfm, VPRO, Omroep Helmond, RCV 99 FM (F), etc

+ FreeTone Series got it's 1st release.
bAgg*fisH is the 1st CD of my duo with Viennese sax and sound explorer Michael Fischer.
We are releasing this CD after and impressive 2013 with performances in the US, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands.
FreeTone is my initiative to help documenting the boiling core of Amsterdam's impro-scene.
It is a new series of releases within Trytone catalog.
The series focuses on Improvised music. You can click this link for more info about it.

Please check my "Agenda 2014" to see all the performances of these period!

Hope to see you soon!