Hello There!

It is the 1st CD of my duo with Viennese sax and sound explorer Michael Fischer.
We released this CD in 2013 with performances in the US, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands.

"... blurring the conventional distinctions between muscular free jazz, post-rock, psychedelic dramas and noisy outbursts. The duo's music is wrapped in an experimental, risk-taking envelope, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance.
There is no doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. One that is playful, uncompromising, and guarantees to keeps the listeners ears wide open"
Eyal Hareuveni- 9/5/14

FreeTone is the new series of releases within Trytone catalog; an initiative to help documenting the boiling core of Amsterdam's impro-scene.

+ The Ambush Party 
Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me
TAP doesn't stop harvesting nice reviews in the international press.
"Circus" is a live concert at Moers Fest. and you can listen to it on or watch it on youtube.

" a zoo after closing" 
S. J. O’Connell - May 2014

"The Ambush Party... are four truly intelligent and empathetic improvisers who avoid the clichés of the free genre.
Their CD is called circus and their music without safety net is terribly exciting."
30-5-14 Mischa Andriessen 

+ I'm playing improvised music at Zaal 100 twice this week:
 · June 3rd in the Jazz Café with Charley Rose - sax & voice, Kaja Draksler - piano and Guillermo Celano - guitar
 · June 4th with the Monthly Celebration of the Royal Improvisers Orchestra.

+ I have the honor to replace Alan Purves in a theater piece and so playing with guitar player Niels Brouwer (Boiakih). So it is a double honor actually. 44 performances! Garagepoes is the name of the production, from Flint Theater group.
+ Allan Purves broke his arm so I'm also playing at his benefit concert at Zaal 100 on Monday, June 9th.

+ And last but not least, from July 28th till Aug 1st  I'll be teaching @ 11º Seminario de Improvisación de Siero, Asturias - Spain Info coming soon here

Please check my "Agenda 2014" to see all the performances of these period and the "Previous News" to see more reviews of these and other new releases.