Hello !
1st of all my best wishes for this new year.

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+ I'm right in the middle of a wonderful tour with Lily’s déjà vu Ingrid Laubrock -t sx, Guillermo Celano -gr, Jasper Stadhouders -bs, M Baggiani -dr

January 2015

Sun 25 | Jazz in Serah, Zaandam - NL

Sat 24 | CUBA-Cultur, Münster - DE

Fri 23 | Bimhuis, Amsterdam - NL

Wed 21 | Paradox,Tilburg - NL

Sun 18 | Altes Pfanhaus, Köln - DE

Sat 17 | JOE Festival, Essen - DE

We are also presenting a new digital recording "Live in PaRaDoX" only available on line (in this link) or at the concerts.

Here a video of our tour Oct. 2013

+ Also right in the middle of a tour with Freek Vielen & The Ambush Party  Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me

One of the most special and pure things I have worked on. Freek has written a beautifully honest text about war and the bombardment of Dresden in 1944 and The Ambush Party does what it does best; improvising.
We have played already in Antwerp and Amsterdam, please check our schedule.

+ The Ambush Party is also collaborating with the "Eye" Film museum, providing the music for experimental evenings full of images from the beat era.
That was the case on Dec. 9th 2014 and  we will play again on Feb. 22nd 2015!!!

bAgg*fisH Michael Fischer: feedback, saxophones and violin; Marcos Baggiani: drums will be playing some few gigs in Amsterdam end of February and beginning of March, among others Monday Match at Bimhuis, please check my agenda for this concerts and other performances of this period (like coming Oorsprong curators series!).

"... multi-instrumentalist Michael Fischer ranges from stealth to bombast and everything in between, shadowed at every turn, in every corner, by Baggiani’s subliminal interplay."

Please take a tour in this humble website for the full schedule of concerts, band's descriptions, links, music, videos and other information.

Hopefully you can make it to some of this concerts.
See you soon!