Hello There!

+ I have the pleasure to play for 2nd year consecutive at the London Jazz Festival, and twice this time:
   November, Saturday 15th The C.B.G  with Joachim Badenhorst on reeds, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and me on drums.
Check the band here: The Immigrant C.B.G.  
+ This concert is part of a spread tour: Nov 2nd we will be playing at D.J.S in Dordrecht (NL) and the 30th a double gig in Belgium 17l'Archiduc, Brussel and 21.30  t' Stuk, Leuven.
   November, Saturday 22nd is the turn for Boiakih at the London Jazz Fest: Monica Akihary on vocals and Niels Brouwer on guitars will be joined by Wolter Wiorbos on trombone and me on drums.
+ Before that, on Sept. 28th I will be joining Boiakih at the Erasmus Park Music Fest. in Amsterdam, this time with Yedo Gibson on reeds and me on drums.

+ The Ambush Party 
Natalio Sued -t sx, Harald Austbø -clo, Oscar Jan Hoogland -pno, and me
Will finally launch the LP version of Circus!
"Circus" is a live concert at Moers Fest. and you can listen to it on or watch it on youtube or get the CD at Subdist or, even better, come to Plantagedok in Amsterdam, on November 1st
CIRCUS The Ambush Party LP release concert with live cover art making by Theo Tomson.

"This international quartet knows no boundaries. All is thrown into its inventive, joyful stew.
Faithful to its name and to the circus life, The Ambush Party delivers a wild, engaging ride."

Eyal Hareuveni 12/3/14

" a zoo after closing" 
S. J. O’Connell - May 2014

bAgg*fisH October 24th - Elevate Festival - Graz.
My free-impro duo with Viennese sax and sound explorer Michael Fischer will be exploding once again in Austria

"... blurring the conventional distinctions between muscular free jazz, post-rock, psychedelic dramas and noisy outbursts. The duo's music is wrapped in an experimental, risk-taking envelope, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance.
There is no doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. One that is playful, uncompromising, and guarantees to keeps the listeners ears wide open"
Eyal Hareuveni- 9/5/14

+ great Impro gig in Amsterdam in September
16 | Impro-music at Mezrab, Amsterdam. Lina Alemano (CA) on trumpet, John Dikeman (USA) on sax, Leo Svirsky on piano and me on drums.

Last but not least:
+ Lily’s déjà vu 
 Ingrid Laubrock -t sx, Guillermo Celano -gr, Jasper Stadhouders -bs, M Baggiani -dr 
 is booking a tour for middle January 2015.  If you are willing to have us in town don't hesitate to get in touch :)
Here a video of our last tour Oct. 2013

"These four guys really speak the same language despite the diverse backgrounds. It's the language of poli-stylistic risks, of collectively created tension. You'll undergo each piece like a liberating act of creation; despite all roughness this is full of poetry. 
"Jörg Konrad - JazzPodium (DE)- March 2014

Please check my "Agenda 2014" to see all the performances of these period and the "Previous News" to see more reviews of these and other new releases and to know what I was doing those days.