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The New CD of the C.B.G is out throught Trytone records:

Last month We've got a couple of reviews:

“The music never loses the heat; impressionistic collective passages are followed by powerful solos.
A recording that largely meets all the expectations and certainly will be one of the most interesting jazz releases of 2016.”

Cyriel Pluimakers, Jazzenzo, march 2016

“Their blend of diverse styles brims with suspense… The music tells a vivid story without any words. Enjoy!”
Jan Willem Broek, march 2016, De subjectivisten

“You listen, as it were with the musicians, discovering what is possible in all within this combination of world-class musical personalities”
Herman te Loo, JazzFlits, march 2016.

Last 2 month were quiet intense, with some interesting vertex points:

+ The C.B.G jubileum concert feat. Michael Moore at Lantaren Venster (Rotterdam)on March 13th; with Michael Moore -a sx, clrnt; Joachim Badenhorst -b clrnt, clrnt; Guillermo Celano -gr, Clemens van der Feen -bs; and the subsequent Celano/Badenhorst/Baggiani trio concert at Huis de Pinto (Amsterdam) on the 14th.

We have been doing a series of events since last year as a celebration of these10 years of musical adventures with the C.B.G.

We have played in Tivoli - Vredenburg (Utrecht), Lantaren Venster (Rotterdam), De Ruimte & Huis de Pinto in Amsterdam, Roscam (Bruxelles), Jazzathome Fest. (Mechelen) and july 1st We will be playing at Bimhuis!!!

+ From february on Freek Vielen & The Ambush Party went on with our Belgian tour  F Vielen -text, N Sued -t sx, H Austbø -clo, O J Hoogland -pno- Playing So it goes at Bourla in Antwerp, Rand Festival - KC - Nona (Mechelen) and Cultural Centre Hasselt.
We will be playing our last concert of the season on May 7th at Cultural Centre Lokeren.

+ My 1st solo presentation at Roze Tanker on Feb. 23 I'm still working on the video, it will be soon on my Youtube channel.

+ Also in February we played with  Antimufa a concert in Hot House (Leiden), here a video of us playing Gardel's tango "Volver".

+ Jerboah is having a busy period right now.
Imágenes integradas 110 | Gaudeamus Muziekweek Sessies #11. Utrecht.
17 | Jerboah. Smaakt naar Muziek - De Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam.
19 | Lola Luid, Amsterdam

Brechtje van Dijk | voice, synth, Sarah Jeffery | recorders, voice, Josephine Bode | recorders, voice, Jornt Duyx | guitar, synth, voice, Marcos Bagianni | drums

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