Christmas News

Hello There!!

+ Concerts coming up!!

- I'm playing 3 concerts sharing stage -in different constellations- with my band mates from the C.B.G -Joachim Badenhorst: clarinet, bass clarinet & tenor sax, Guillermo Celano: guitar, Clemens van der Feen: double bass.
These are part of the concerts we play this and next year celebrating the 10 years of the Celano/Baggiani Group!!!
So... please come and cheer with us!

Thursday 10th Dec. - DE RUIMTE  - Amsterdam
1st set: Joachim Badenhorst solo
2nd set: Celano/Badenhorst/Baggiani

Friday 11th Dec. - TIVOLI - Vredenburg - Utrecht
C.B.G feat. Joachim Badenhorst & Clemens vd Feen

Sunday 13th Dec. - ROSCAM - Brussel

(by the way, we are playing in July 2016 at Bimhuis and booking a tour for around it, including Michael Moore in the band, a very interesting 5tet indeed)

Our last CD Erasing borders is collecting very nice reviews, please check them here!

- Also in December I have my premiere in a new group: Jerboah (ex 'Leeuwenhart').  A creative post-pop formation with:

Brechtje van Dijk | Voice, synths

Sarah Jeffery | Recorders, voice
Josephine Bode | Recorders, voice
Jornt Duyx | Guitar, synths
Marcos Baggiani | Drums

We will be playing at Saturday 19th at Lichtbaden / CBK, and Monday 21st at
Splendor, both in Amsterdam.

- I'm playing more concerts in the coming month including a Dance piece before Christmas time: Bestenbende: playing live with 3 other percussionists.
Please check this and other events in my agenda.

+ And from 2014 records (it took me some time to translate it :-), a quote of a nice french review of Lily's deja vu CD "music from another ass" by David Cristol for Impro Jazz. Please check the whole review here.

"Their mix of rock/impro/jazz pleased the ears because of its substantial content and because they never loose the essence of the matter"
"As the instrumentation links to rock, the incisive and de-fat guitar solos and the compositions are surprisingly elaborate and rich in contrasts; the enlighten shifts succeed to create impressionistic passages and rhythmic shoving, sometimes within the same sequence... A production worth of recognition"