photo by M. Cantú 

Guillermo Celano and I had the pleasure of playing again in Argentina last July/August, sharing stage with many great Argentinean musician.

The epicentre of the tour was at the Centro Cultural Kirchner's Sala de Honor!!!


6 | Garvie/Celano/Merlo/Baggiani. Banfield Teatro Ensamble. Banfield (Buenos Aires)
5 | Jodos/Celano/Baggiani. Virasoro Trasnoche. City of Buenos Aires.
4 | Garvie/Celano/Delassaletta/Baggiani. Mingus Bar. Mar del Plata. (Buenos Aires). Valentín Garvie - trMartín Delassaletta - db bs
3 | Workshop of Improvisation and Instant Composition by G Celano and M Baggiani. ECEM (Espacio Colectivo de Enseñanza Musical)
2 | C.B.G CD presentation. CC Kirchner, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (AR) Valentín Garvie - tr, Rodrigo Dominguez - t sx, G Celano - gr, Hernán Merlo - db bs, M B - dr

30 | Celano/Baggiani duo. Kuai Festival. Roseti. City of Buenos Aires
29 | Celano/Baggiani duo. All Free - ciclo de improvisaciónBon Scott Bar, Rosario (Sta. Fe)
29 | All Free. Workshop of Improvisation and Instant Composition by G Celano and M Baggiani. Bon Scott Bar, Rosario (Sta. Fe)
28 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. L'ecole. City of Córdoba.
27 | Celano/Andrada/Baggiani. Polaroid. Villa María (Cdba.) Cristian Andrada - db bs

This tour has being organised to support the release of "Una noche en Bimhuis"; the release containing the live recordings of the C.B.G jubileum concert at Bimhuis.

These recordings made for Radio Bimhuis are released by the Argentinean label KUAI


Meanwhile The album "Les Indignés" got this nice review from New York Jazz Records.
Ellery Eskelin | tenor, Guillermo Celano | guitar, Clemens van der Feen | bass, Marcos Baggiani | drums.

Here a little quote:
“Les Indignés, like splashing Tabasco sauce on Dutch herring… mouth-watering and ear-pleasing shapes”
Read all article at:
Ken Waxman -March 2017 New York City Jazz Record


PlaTzhirsch Festival, Duisburg (DE) has invited Jerboah to play on their main stage on September 2nd and 3rd!!!

And not only that but they have been so kind to invite me to share stage with great improvisers Reza Askari on double bass and Thorsten Topp on guitar and pedals for an ad-hoc improvisation on September 3rd.

Brechtje van Dijk | voice, synth, Sarah Jeffery | recorders, voice, Josephine Bode | recorders, voice, Dodo Kis | Ewi, recorders, voice; Jornt Duyx | guitar, synth, voice, Marcos Baggiani | drums

Jerboah has been doing tones of things in the last months, playing "Elements" -by Brechtje- together with New Ensemble and finalising our 1st digital release: Guest House
You can find it in Spotify, or iTunes, etc...
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I'm playing now a days with Veronica Castro Ravelo, presenting the repertoire we recorded in "Madrigal de Ausencias" album produced by Hessel van der Kooij in Terschelling. (video)
Besides the pleasure of playing traditional music from SouthAmerica that is close to my heart, it comes to me the joy of doing it with these great artists:
(I let this review present them to you :)

"Verónica Castro Ravelo brought warmth into the hearts of Jazzkarussell's friends...(Oberhausen/DE)
In a relaxed atmosphere, Verónica ensured an exciting cheerfulness helped by the heady guitar of Hernán Ruíz, the wailing bandoneon of Matías Pedrana and the sparkling piano lines of Dirk Balthaus.
All this music was sovereign founded on the refreshing bass pulses of Elías General and the infectious beats of Marcos Baggiani.
… The perfect ending of a beautiful afternoon...”  WAZ.DE


- Finally I had the time to put together a video of the performance I did with Kenzo Kusuda time ago, I still love it so... here it is!


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