+ bAgg*fisH. is back!
December 1st we will be playing at  Mózg Festival, Warszawa (PL) the epicentre of our Polish tour.

Nov. 29th we will play a  Music & Dance Improv. at Scena Supernova in Krakow organised by the great Malgorzata Haduch. Nov. 30th we will play at Galeria i in Krakow, together with two amazing improvisers: Paulina Owczarek on sax and Michał Dymny on electric guitar
Dec. 2nd we are guests of the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra at the Cricoteka.



Brechtje van Dijk | voice, synth, Sarah Jeffery | recorders, voice, Josephine Bode | recorders, voice, Dodo Kis | Ewi, recorders, voice; Jornt Duyx | guitar, synth, voice, Marcos Baggiani | drums

Nov. 10th We were the afterparty of the Bang on a Can All-Stars at Sounds of Music Festival, Groningen (NL)

Check out the Vlog about it!

September 2nd and 3rd we rocked the out doors stage at PlaTzhirsch Festival, Duisburg (DE)

And besides Jerboah the Festival invited me to play with great improvisers Thorsten Topp on guitar and Reza Askari on double bass for an ad-hoc improv. Superb.

Jerboah will play in Amsterdam again, on Dec. 19th at the EAR Session #2.
The 1st session we've got the pleasure to host Bitch & Monk duo!
EAR Sessions is a house-concert series hosted at Jerboah's EAR studio in Amsterdam.

Here you can listen and get our 1st EP Bristly


Thanks to the support of the Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, I had the great opportunity to dedicate some time to compose music; few of the results where presented in the last few month:

- On 18 & 19 November it was the premiere of De Oceaan during Novencento in Concert - MuziekPak Huis Lustrum Concert at Het Sierrad, Amsterdam.

Raya Baya on trumpet, Bart Lust on Trombone, Walter Lampe on piano and Harm Wijntjes on double bass (and yours truly :)

- Omwentelingen/Revolutions was memorable and inspiring.
Thursday Oct. 5th It was the world premiere of my piece #allyouneed with Nieuw Ensemble and Brechtje at Muziekgebouw aan het Ij.

She wrote the lyrics and made the adaptations for N.E. (and she sung it)
I played on Matteo's piece and my own one.

Thanks to all the wonderful and passionate composer and musicians that shared their perspectives on todays world in the form of music.
Among them Erqing Wang, Genevieve Murphy, Rick van Veldhuizen, Kate Honey, Chiva Bons, Brechtje, Wang Lu, Matteo Nicolin, Ed Spanjaard, Nieuw Ensemble, Joël Bons and many more...

- My composition for string quartet Threnody for a Blue Planet (yet work in process) was presented on Sept 24th at De Ruimte.

Many thanks to Jacob Plooi and Vera van der Bie on violins, George Dumitriu on viola and Florien Hamer on cello.
They made a great performance out of it.

The evening was a sort of Carte Blanche, I was also playing with two of my beloved bands:
The Ambush Party (doing the cambia thing) and Lily's déjà vu in trio with Jasper Stadhouders and Guille Celano.

For all coming concerts and performances please check my agenda!
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Thanks a lot for being here!!!