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Humanes new trio! vocals, strings and drums
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..."This is not the usual way for latin jazz, I rather hear classical latinamerican styles such as tango and bolero mixed with contemporary and improvised music... a good example of the way in which improvisation brings new life into a tradition.

the music is greatly enriched by all these influences…  And Méndez is a beauty of a singer” 

Live @ Pletterij || Ben Taffijn - DraaiOmJeOren - Aug 2020

Working against all odds in these pandemic times we succeed to make these videos, please check them out.

Fuensanta Méndez (México): vocals & double bass
Guillermo Celano (Arg/NL): guitar
Marc Baggiani (Arg): drums

Where intuition and awareness play together, voices, drums, and strings mingle in a freedom dance.
Fresh, riotous, rooted, sometimes abstract, sometimes avant-garde or wacky, always beating.
Argentinian rhythms, Mexican boleros and originals seasoned with soundscapes, poetry, absurdism, improvisation and a non-challant postmodern approach.

+ Para los hispano parlantes: Un argentino en Europa de Norberto Tallón


Martín Sued Bandoneon, Natalio Sued Clarinets, Guillermo Celano Guitar, Adán Mizrahi Double Bass, Marcos Baggiani Drums

+ last year Antimufa released a new album in a full house at Bimhuis.

The new album Grillos featuring Martín Sued on bandoneon got two more reviews:

"Antimufa brings us an Argentinian narrative in nine unique stories of contemporary fairy tales and pure passion. 

Grillos is a source of inspiration."

september 2019 -Robin Arends -

“…splendid melodies and beautiful interplay... a wonderful example of the relationship between Latin American tradition and jazz…”

Ben Taffijn - DraaiOmJeOren- Aug 2020

Antimufa music is now digitally distributed by Audio Maze.
You can listen to it here or get the CD here.


+ Another release from last year got an interesting review by Fernando Rios:

"Excellent music on this remarkable, delicate work with no empty words. 

A journey beyond talent through one of those albums that reward with unveiled surprises every new listening. 

Where is our home? BBC Trio wonders. They answered it themselves. In the music my friends… In the music."

ArgentJazz // Fernando Rios // 7/11/19

You may listen to it or buy it here


+ My song "Inferno Baby", recorded with my trio Badenhorst/Baggiani/Celano got into this list on Spotify:

Such a honor to be sounding with my trio next to Andrew Cyrille, Joe McPhee, John Butcher, Don Byron, Charles Gayle, Roscoe Michell, Dave Holland and many others...

Above all thanks to Guillermo and Joachim for the music!!
Coming September we will get in the studio again to record new material with a special guest on piano: Wolfert Brederode.

This collaboration had already being on stage last year in Paradox, Tilburg, fortunately we've got a sharp review of that concert:

"The amalgam of styles and the genre-bending are characteristic of this group of musicians. Musical categories are abandoned and boundaries overruled.
Surprisingly, pianist Wolfert Brederode has been added to the trio. 
This is remarkable ... the ECM artist is a breed improviser who holds up tightly within this remarkable combo. His contributions are adventurous and effective "

Concert review - Louis Obbens, 5.10.19 - DraaiOmJeOren


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