Badenhorst/Baggiani/Celano have just recorded new material
This time we counted with a very special guest: Wolfert Brederode on piano.

We would like to thank to Bimhuis and Sena foundation for supporting this join-venture!
We are currently looking for a label, don't hesitate to write back if you have ideas!

"The amalgam of styles and the genre-bending are characteristic of this group of musicians. Musical categories are abandoned and boundaries overruled.
Surprisingly, pianist Wolfert Brederode has been added to the trio.
This is remarkable ... the ECM artist is a breed improviser who holds up tightly within this remarkable combo. His contributions are adventurous and effective "
Concert review - Louis Obbens - DraaiOmJeOren


Coming September BAGG*FISH is invited to this year's edition of ArtActs Festival in Austria and at ZAJKERT Festival in Debrecen (H).

This unique improv-noise power duo featuring Michael Fischer on tenor sax and feedback and your truly  will play with special guest Vinicius Ciccone Cajado on double bass.
We will also enter the recording studio amidst the tour.


Jerboah Strikes Back!

This art-rock / post-genre formation featuring recorder players' Sarah Jeffery and Dodo Kis has just played their 1st live-stream with their new line-up at Splendor in Amsterdam.

Further more We will play at De Tanker in Amsterdam on June 5th, at POM on June 11th in Eindhoven and a few more concerts to be announced, thanks to the support of the FPK.


During these pandemic/cloistered times I decided to build up a BandCamp page presenting my releases that were not available to download otherwise. (also few of my colleagues, why not?)

Renewable is the name and this is the link:

I hope you enjoy it!


Slowly, the concert possibilities are opening up...

For all coming concerts and performances please check my agenda!
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Thanks a lot for being here!!!