Badenhorst/Baggiani/Celano feat. W. Brederode

"Carnet Imaginaire grabs a hold on you, pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until the very end.
Once again there’s no explanation needed. Effortlessly the music itself shows the direction.
The listener follows the lead of each carefully crafted composition and improvisation, by these wonderful musicians." -- Jasper Somsen

Live presentations!!!!

Bimhuis Amsterdam May 27th - De Bijloke Fest. Gent (BE) May 29th
inJazz op June 23rd




Sued/Baggiani 1st duo album ready to come out on El Negocito in May/June 2022!!

For the past 25 years these 2 Amsterdam based Argentineans have played and toured together extensively within different formations, (The Ambush Party and Antimufa among others) delighting audiences with their singular and mutual music understanding, appearing at many major festivals as well as intimate club spaces.
They have just recorded an inspired new album from the guts of the pandemic period.

Natalio Sued: tenor, saxophone & clarinet || Marc Baggiani: drums


Iman Spaargaren's Undercurrent Orchestra got a bunch of nice reviews for his recent release at Zennez Records.

Featuring an incredible 6tet, Iman will present this album at Utrecht Jazz Festival on May 14th.

 Iman Spaargaren - clarinet, tenor sax and bass clarinet, Gerard Kleijn - trumpet, Joost Buis - trombone, Annie Tangberg - cello, Guillermo Celano - guitar, Marcos Baggiani - drums

London Jazz News (UK)
"That’s a whole bunch of see-sawing moods expressed through ensemble, solo and group improv, impressionistically slipping between thoughtful arrangements, loose affiliations and uninhibited free music, all suspended over an eclectic set of rhythms. The Orchestra, enthusiastically underlined by drummer Marcos Baggiani, picks and mixes beats from samba, railways, Saharan caravans and horseback."


Talking about recordings:

The Ambush Party  has just recorded in studio their Broken-Cumbia repertoire (indeed half Party-half Ambush)  We are in the process of selecting the material and mixing, stay tuned!

The Ambush Party are: Natalio Sued on tenor sx, clrnt and vocals; Oscar Jan Hoogland on piano and shouts; Harald Austbö  on cello and vocals and yours truly on drums and moos.


During these pandemic/cloistered times I decided to build up a BandCamp page presenting my releases that were not available to download otherwise. (also few of my colleagues, why not?)

Renewable is the name and this is the link:

I hope you enjoy it!


Slowly, the concert possibilities are opening up...

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